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You will like to look like goddes every day!

I am trained in Nutritional Therapy. I strongly believe we are what we EAT and THIINK, here I believe in treating the whole person. I provide 1:1 Dietry Consultation and Advice.

Born in Jamaica raised by my wise grandmother knowledgeable in natural and alternative health. Principled, patient, humble compassionate, considerate were a few of her strong points. A very positive role model who influenced my moral compass and gave me the confidence to know what was right for me. Grounded in such teachings during my formative years, I was able to infused her principles into my adult life on into parenthood. And now I bring them to my teachings of natural Therapy. I am very passionate about my lifestyle in Natural Health. I love to see individuals grow as they learn about their inate skills and abilities to treat and heal themselves. It’s an absolute honour to train individualities in a the Modalities of Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry and Sound Therapy. There are many roads to Consciousness and these are just a few we should try at some point in our lives.